An Epic Fusion has happened! Learn more about our story and how we will serve you towards tomorrows digital world.

In the years 2020-2021 we experienced a true disruption in many of our areas of life. The digital world of work transformed faster than ever before. This brought completely new demands on infrastructure, technology, but also human skills and work culture. Epic Fusion was founded to fuse the talent of excellent people with the demand of tomorrows digital world.

Epic Fusion is here to provide the technological foundation. We create secure, scalable, cloud-driven and accessible solutions that massively simplify the work and collaboration within the organization. We ensure this with talented technology specialists. At the same time, we place just as much emphasis on cultural change, the employee experience and the accessibility of solutions.

Our services are designed and shaped to support your initiatives to face the new reality of digital work models.

We are not just another service provider for technical solutions. We are passionate people who stand up for common values as a team. We want to be able to grow on our values and principles ourselves, as well as together with our customers, every day.

To make this truly possible, we have been intensely focused on values and principles that are important to us from day one.

Our principles:

Purpose over Profits

We over Me

Trust over Control

Learn-It over Know-It

Experiment over Certainity

Evolutionary over Strength

Transparency over Obscurity

Would you like to learn more about our values or are you curious about how a working relationship with us could look like? Contact here.