Who stands behind Epic Fusion?

The founders of Epic Fusion are convinced: You can do better with these digital projects! With Epic Fusion, they support companies in their digital transformation.

We demonstrate our offerings and principles ourselves. Epic Fusion deliberately challenges the future and establishes new solutions.

Epic Fusion Teampower

The growing Epic Fusion team includes specialists in Modern Work Transformation, Cloud Strategy and Architecture, User Adoption and User Training, Change Management, Agile Coaching, and Collaboration and Communication.

Our Story

Epic Fusion is where digital first meets human.

Epic Fusion is a digital-first team. We connect New Work ideas with high-value solutions. That's how we enable true, digital transformation. Our credo: No Excuses. We live the digital future ourselves, creating more space for us as people.

In today's globally networked markets, digitalization is increasingly entering all areas of our lives. Tasks are increasingly being replaced by automation and artificial intelligence. This results not only in simplifications and improvements, but also in increasing complexity and a lack of orientation.

For Epic Fusion, it is therefore essential to leverage human potential in its uniqueness. Social skills such as empathy, creativity and innovation cannot be replaced with artificial intelligence. However, we should question the organization of teams and ways of working. What motivates employees? How do we strengthen trust? What happens when teams regulate themselves instead of being controlled by others? With the right answers, unimagined potential can be activated.

To unleash such potential, Epic Fusion creates solutions around the digital workplace of the future. From technology to ways of working to team structuring. We share our experience and expertise with you, guiding you safely and purposefully through the digital transformation.

Our values and principles

Behind Epic Fusion are passionate people. As a team, we are committed to common values. This is how we achieve sustainable added value for our customers, partners and society.


Equality and diversity are Epic Fusion's solid core values. We build and foster a diverse team of people in all walks of life. Our interactions are founded on compassion and respect for one another.


As a collective of dedicated, holistic thinkers with a customer- and solution-oriented focus, there are no limits to what we can achieve. We don't let ego get in the way of meaningful growth.


Passion is our daily motivation. We focus on the work for which our heart beats. Work that unleashes people's potential. This is how we achieve a lasting impact for ourselves and our customers. We live the principle "Do it with passion or not at all".


Epic Fusion creates space for a culture of learning. We are convinced: With passion and perseverance, talents and skills can be strongly developed. Sustainable growth can only be achieved if we continuously improve. That is why we continuously question the status quo and stay up to date.


We gain experience and insight from disagreements and the exchange of new, even controversial ideas. Epic Fusion lives the philosophy "Strong opinions, weakly held". With empathetic feedback, we learn, grow and strengthen our characters. We stand up for our actions and take responsibility.


What an epic privilege! We are grateful for the luck and freedom to actively practice our values and principles. Our employees fulfill meaningful work. We carry the Epic Fusion mindset beyond projects to our clients and friends. And in doing so, give back a sense of positivity to everyone.

Our Daily Work

Collective Digital First at Epic Fusion

In line with the Digital First devise, we organize ourselves according to innovative ideas and structures. Epic Fusion knows no hierarchy, no bosses and no fixed office workplaces. And no fixed vacations - our employees organize their working and vacation time themselves.

The following five principles guide us to sustainable success in our day-to-day work:

  1. "We over Me"
  2. "Purpose over Profits"
  3. "Progress over Perfection"
  4. "Learn-It over Know-It"
  5. "Experiment over Certainity"

We are committed to an evolutionary organization of shared authority and collective intelligence. We believe in the power of experimentation and see obstacles as opportunities. This is how we continuously evolve and grow. We are a team committed to common goals and celebrating success together.

Become part of our team?

Do you share our values, principles and daily work? Would you like to be a part of Epic Fusion? Then let's get started.